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This is eMedrep

eMedrep is an online pharmaceutical marketplace for pharmacists.
It saves money while procuring original drugs by providing real-time alerts on wholesale price changes and deals from suppliers.

It also furnishes manufacturers, importers and distributors of original products with tools to market their products digitally and reach more clients with less effort. Its marketing tools provide non-physical sales boosting techniques that are more affordable than employing sales reps therefore useable by small scale distributors to optimize their market coverage potential.

Get real time alerts on price changes and new products or just surf through the PharmaFeed


Unrestricted access to supplier’s prices from around the country.


Collaborate with others to make large orders and get big discounts.


Receive alerts for big discount deals from suppliers.


Get loans for as little as 5% interest!*


No matter where you are, our partners will deliver to your doorstep.

Payments Options

Pay online, with a loan voucher, by bank, or on delivery.*

Connect More

Use PharmaFeed and DealMaker to increase your client base and sell to Pharmacists everywhere without sales reps.


Give your best prices to encourage orders.


Employ marketing tools to sell your best products without sales reps.

Create Deals

Create discount deals to clear your inventory. Reduce the number of drugs that expire on your shelf.


Track your sales records per region.


Increase your brand visibility and reward your clients to inspire brand loyalty.

How The App Works?

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Sign up to eMedrep.


Create order sheet sand send orders to suppliers to receive profomas.


Browse through prices of thousands of drugs on PharmaFeed. Search, compare prices and view price change history.


Pay and select your delivery method.

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